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All you have to do is enter your LTC address and solve the captcha! Then find more Litecoin faucets at FaucetDump.
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Address Claim Type
LKfegrxjuZL2WZzH5uGftxqzx7G46tM7cn 600 Claim
LeBt6mfbPcJyExMypuHqVbDGYWxbiqRaCf 60 Referral
LeBt6mfbPcJyExMypuHqVbDGYWxbiqRaCf 60 Referral
LguVDXxwQmjZXA8TrQNduFo5sVi8UtigEZ 600 Claim
LQj7RD1nGiJmnSfGQuMw3HBU3s48p8BPJd 600 Claim
LeBt6mfbPcJyExMypuHqVbDGYWxbiqRaCf 60 Referral
LeBt6mfbPcJyExMypuHqVbDGYWxbiqRaCf 100 Referral
LTchEBG1eTuFHQfmNjsgmmp96gu36guSy5 1000 Claim
LeBt6mfbPcJyExMypuHqVbDGYWxbiqRaCf 60 Referral
LRCQMGy3GCkZrKMbw8Un49gHMCqM7yJpmy 600 Claim


Address Total Claimed
LeBt6mfbPcJyExMypuHqVbDGYWxbiqRaCf 0.11203860 LTC
LejuceWWeVV2rTj135rGdU8o4irTwgJod5 0.10483200 LTC
LNXRrWHJiwUikfgbtbrVqW324kK36NjL7R 0.01180200 LTC
LVrRvHvZeJrFkGTfAzUEEtCjyKiuuy7ZK4 0.01157350 LTC
LUwuXR4RF7WChEBDvsYDnMosatpnTWNEVK 0.01025100 LTC
LYrPAZXLk5xrudZhy1me7qWrt961jAHsSf 0.01024750 LTC
LKSXvwASTcPp6fumguDATDGqZtvGaPk3yB 0.00877045 LTC
LeinsuKHp1grSLVBjrB5WfjGg7ZUnG8ujJ 0.00830600 LTC
LgmTVRh1wSryqNCQPNkCgCkvZXHMidxJVN 0.00817950 LTC
LUayDSP9WmFwYW4Qd6YBoe1iU6hbsgDdJg 0.00809350 LTC


Date Address Sent Status TxID
14-May-2017 14:30:12 LNXRrWHJiwUikfg... 0.01080200 LTC Complete feec068f6fd3681...
25-Apr-2017 07:40:37 LYrPAZXLk5xrudZ... 0.00900030 LTC Complete 23e5902ebfe2a00...
20-Apr-2017 23:46:42 LVrRvHvZeJrFkGT... 0.00901550 LTC Complete 0cd1b23701d4dc3...
19-Apr-2017 15:22:08 LeBt6mfbPcJyExM... 0.08418630 LTC Complete 8f97f19f8a84d39...
6-Mar-2017 19:02:53 LejuceWWeVV2rTj... 0.10040000 LTC Complete 35ee09f9aa71065...

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.

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Litecoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances.
Litecoin features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. With substantial industry support, trade volume and liquidity, Litecoin is a proven medium of commerce complementary to Bitcoin.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

Litecoin can be mined using the Scrypt algorithm.

The best way to mine is to join a mining pool. recommends MinerGate as they have low fees and a easy to use software solution which can mine multiple cryptocurrencies at once. No computer or industry knowledge is needed, just download the software, click the 'AutoMine' button and MinerGate will starting mining the coin that has been the most profitable over the previous hour!

Want to send your hash rate to the moon? Get a taste of what it is like to mine like a monster and sign up for a free VPS trial.
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Trading Cryptocurrencies

If you want to turn your coin hoard directly into cash or are just looking to make cash off cryptocurrency trading, recommends HitBTC and Changelly as they have low fees and a simple, clean trading interface. They have loads of cryptocurrencies available to trade directly into Bitcoin, USD, Euros and Pound Sterling. It couldn't be easier to start trading like a pro!